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About Us

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We are a team of researchers at Monash University and the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are passionate about supporting parents and improving the mental wellbeing of children and young people.


We have put together this website to help parents to manage some challenging issues they may face with their children, including depression, anxiety, and alcohol misuse.


All of our resources are based on systematic reviews of research evidence and the consensus of international experts in the field of parenting and youth mental health. The aim of Parenting Strategies is to translate complex research evidence and clinical knowledge into practical resources that parents can understand and use to protect their children from mental health problems.

The people behind Parenting Strategies


Associate Professor Marie Yap, Monash University

Founder of Parenting Strategies

Marie is an Associate Professor, Psychologist and Head of the Parenting and Youth Mental HealthGroup at Monash University. She has a longstanding interest in the importance of the family in children’s development, especially in terms of protecting young people from mental health problems.


Marie has been recognised as a leading international expert in parent-child relationships.


Emeritus Professor Tony Jorm, University of Melbourne

Tony is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Melbourne and an NHMRC Leadership Fellow. His research focuses on public knowledge and beliefs about mental illness, and particularly on interventions to improve the public’s helpfulness towards people developing mental illness.


Tony has been a key contributor to all Parenting Strategies resources since its inception.


Dr Mairead Cardamone-Breen, Monash University

Mairead is a Psychologist and Research Fellow in the Parenting and Youth Mental Health Group at Monash University. Mairead’s research focuses on translating the Parenting Strategies content into tailored, online parenting programs.


Since 2020, Mairead has been involved in the latest COVID-19 guidelines update and the school reluctance and refusal guidelines.

Other key contributors

Other key contributors to the development of Parenting Strategies include Siobhan Ryan, Pamela Pilkington, Michelle Fowler, Renée Bazley, and Clare Nowell (Research Assistants); and Dr Claire Kelly, co-ordinator of the Youth Mental Health First Aid program.

Associate Professor Glenn Melvin was a key contributor to the guidelines for school reluctance and refusal.


Professor Dan Lubman was a key contributor to the development of the parenting guidelines for adolescent alcohol use.

Our funding sources

The development of the various depression and anxiety parenting guidelines was supported by the National Health & Medical Research Council, and Beyond Blue. The development of the parenting guidelines for adolescent alcohol use was supported by VicHealth.


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